What to do next?

So I dont really have any projects on the workbench at the moment. This evening I spent some time tuning, speed matching, and getting everything cleared off the railroad so trains can start running again. As I was eyeing projects, I started looking up GP30s. My first question to everyone was going to be, should …

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White face with pin stripes

This has to be my favorite BN paint scheme, wore by only a few during the last years. The added white pin stripe and side sills really makes it pop. This model started life as a recently released Kato SD40-2. Some photos of the progress as well as the Boeing cars I completed this past …

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Experimental SD60MAC BN 9500

This weeks project was repainting a locomotive into the experimental SD60MAC BN 9500 paint scheme. The first step was researching what all my options were. Unfortunately no one makes an actual SD60MAC in N scale. Atlas does an SD60M three window cab that should be close enough for the N scale eye. The biggest differences …

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BN C30-7 whiteface

In my quest to find C30-7s a while back I came across this guy. Everything looked great except the front logo looked off, it seemed too small. So this morning I removed it and placed a bigger one on. I think it looks much better now.

BN 7500 SD40-2B completed

This past week I finished the 3d printed SD40-2B project. I am mostly happy with the way it turned out. This time I added quite a few more detailed decals which really bring it out when you start looking at it. The handrails I am not impressed with. I may still redo those.

Painting progress this weekend

I made some painting progress this weekend on several of the projects I am working on. The SD40-2B body is done and is ready for decals. The sill/handrails are painted green, now the walkways need painted black. Also thru the paint booth was the business car BNA1 Mississippi River. This was a challenge to say …

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Another B unit

N scale life has taken a back seat to the prototype world lately. I have done little things here and there on the layout but nothing worth writing home about. Tonight I started a new project. Well, another version of a project from a while back. This go around I am going to put together …

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Pushers and the final kits

I finished the last of the kits I have, which includes a road grader and a pair of side boom crawlers. I have been super happy with the GHQ kits, however these last two side boom kits made by Railway Express Miniatures are less than desirable. The quality is significantly less, the instructions are lacking …

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