There is such a thing as too much?

My friend and fellow n scaler Allen has been teaching me how to weather cars. Weathering ends up a lot easier than I originally feared….so like everything I do, more is better right? So off to the races to see how rusty, grimey, & graffiti covered I can make the cars. I was excited that …

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This week’s progress

A few things are in the works but I am waiting on parts to continue. So today’s update includes a desk expansion for the paint booth. I needed some more permanent space for it but struggled finding a good spot that had a way to vent outside. As I was building the desk space it …

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I played around tonight with operations. With all of the locations “set” and named, I decided to go ahead and get them configured in JMRI. It took a while defining each spur length, direction, etc. And then defining all of the locomotive and car data, again length and type etc. As you can see in …

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Fascia and controls ✔️

When I said I was done with the fascia, it didn’t cross my mind I need to get all of the controls installed. Here is the finished product.

Fascia & skirting

I made quite a bit of progress today with the fascia and skirting. I had to redo some of the fascia boards to better fit N scale (not so high). And I had to complete the under side of the duck under. Once everything was screwed into place I caulked all of the corners and …

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New Panel

I have been toying with the idea of making a JMRI panel that is more like a traditional dispatchers display. I had tried it in the past but it got really confusing really fast. The problem is, the layout is not only one loop (confusing) but two! So one side of the layout is the …

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Under the layout is done!

A major milestone happened tonight. All of the wiring, turnout motors, cabling, etc are all complete! I still need to “prettify” everything as I like my wiring to be neat and organized. I didn’t do that yet as I want to run for a while to make sure I don’t need to make any more …

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Not so exciting progress

With all of the turnout machines mounted, minus the three that need replaced, my attention was directed to finishing up the rest of the wiring underneath. I spent the last couple days getting all of the frogs wired up with the machines and adding additional feeders in areas I originally skipped. For the frogs, I …

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Last progress of 2021

Spent a good portion of the day working on various projects. The OMAX train now has a car setup with a resistor so the whole train can be detected. I reworked the blocking on the entire layout so it matched in JMRI and will work with signaling. I got one turnout setup with a powered …

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OMAX coal train finally complete!

I have finally found enough cars to consider the OMAX train complete, at least on my layout.  I now have 28 cars, which may be a couple cars too long for the siding. but it fits in staging so deal!   Here is a video of the first time around the layout.

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