A proper coal drag

A friend of mine presented several hundred photos at a recent railfan group meeting, all of which were of the era I am modeling. Boy did this bring back some memories! Several things stood out to me that I had kinda forgotten. I noticed a ton of Oakway, LMX, and B30-7s in these photos. Maybe it was because they were “different” and/or he liked shooting them, not sure. Either way I think I need to represent them more on my layout as I only have one example of each. Another thing I noticed was the amount of power that was being used. I remember big consists, but I had forgotten that 5 motors on the lead was really common, at least when SD40-2s and C30-7s were leading. So here is my take on that. Ohh…and the same friend suggested that I needed more GE power in that consist, which I do not disagree!

I am headed to a train show this weekend in Deshler, the first of such in a long time! Hopefully that will get the juices flowing and the modeling will get to rolling again! Normally the summer is when I get the most done but this summer seems to be a bit off for some reason. Hopefully updates will start coming a little faster. Until next time!

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