Another B unit

N scale life has taken a back seat to the prototype world lately. I have done little things here and there on the layout but nothing worth writing home about. Tonight I started a new project. Well, another version of a project from a while back. This go around I am going to put together BN 7500, the original SD40-2B unit. The biggest difference between this and the 7503 is the dynamic brakes, which were moved on the latter. I like 7500 better as the porches kept their original lengths. Shown above is the shell and sill/handrail prints that I spent a better part of an hour cleaning up the supports from. From there I will wash and UV cure it before primer and paint. Also in the works is a frame. I plan on putting a new motor and trucks in this frame as well as trying out a digitrax sound decoder. I have never tried digitrax sound, I have heard it is not the greatest but I wanted to check it out for myself. I will post more progress later this week as it comes together.

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