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Taking a break

I am one of the strange ones, I will admit. Modeling in the winter has never been my norm, despite what the hobby in general does. For some reason I do most of my model railroading in the summer. Not sure if its because of the longer days, more daylight or what. I have tried, …

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Trucking business

I ordered some 3D trucks stuff a while back off shapeways. The first truck, a blue Kenworth T2000 and flatbed, was a direct representation of the truck I drove back in the day. The second, a white Peterbuilt with propane trailer, is the same truck my Dad drives today. This was kind of a cool …

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Fascia completed

Progress was just not meant to be this weekend. I made the trek down to Spring Creek Saturday and got what I needed for a full weekend full of ballasting and planting grass. Heck I even got some Super Trees just in case! First thing on the list was the finishing the fascia. For this …

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Layout progress 1/4/2023

Mentally this is a huge step on the layout. There is no more pink foam or plywood plains. I cleaned off the layout this evening and my  daughter helped me paint everything a base “brown” color. This gets me excited to keep moving on getting more scenery completed. 

New year, lots of progress

Made quite a bit of progress on a couple projects this long weekend. As I painted and let it dry, I would alternate to the layout and work on the creek banks. I idea behind this creek is to have it flow out and back in the layout, just to give it some character. I …

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Happy New Year!

I was looking back at all the things i did on the layout this year and am amazed to say the least! Hard to believe a year ago I picked up an airbrush for the first time. I am by no means an expert, but at this point I am not afraid to try anything …

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Creek banks

Made a little progress tonight on the creek banks. The pink foam is really just roughed in, I have a lot more shaving and shaping to do, but this is a good general overview of what is going to happen. The creek will come out to the edge before curving back in and out again. …

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