Train show loot

Took a road trip to Deshler today to visit Spring Creek‘s model railroad show. There were a couple layouts I had hoped to see again, however the layouts on display were pretty good. This year there were multiple locations so much more on display than in past years. This was my favorite scene, something I …

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Tweaking JMRI

Tonight I spent a few hours tweaking JMRI, namely the layout and the use of routes. I originally setup the staging yard with a single route that would line both ends of the yard at the same time. As I have been running trains, and getting my head to mentally treat the staging yard as …

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A proper coal drag

A friend of mine presented several hundred photos at a recent railfan group meeting, all of which were of the era I am modeling. Boy did this bring back some memories! Several things stood out to me that I had kinda forgotten. I noticed a ton of Oakway, LMX, and B30-7s in these photos. Maybe …

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More power!

I have been watching a while now for a Kato BN C30-7 to show up for sale. Many of the older non-DCC ready locos show up all the time on ebay. But the newer DCC ready ones are pretty scarce, which is surprising to me since just a few short years ago they were easy …

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Random progress

I made a little progress this past holiday weekend. My main focus is to get some more spurs completed so that I can do some operations and make running trains a little more interesting. Two spurs were already laid, the grain elevator tracks at Canova and the cement plant at (to me named), however I …

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I ran across these backgrounds that were super cheap, compared to what I have seen other places online, so I decided to give them a try. This gives you an idea of the two areas I am modeling. Let me know what you think!

My first metal kit

I have always had an interest in the MoW aspect of railroading, both model and the prototype since I worked for BNSF doing just that. Unfortunately there are no assembled MoW model equipment available (as far as I know), so I am forced to try something new. This Showcase Miniatures ballast regulator is going to …

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Time to start (again)

I have not had much time lately to work on the layout. Actually, I am just procrastinating and that is just an excuse because I don’t want, or know, how to do the next things on the list. But, as with most things, my mind makes it a much bigger thing that is really is. …

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A photo memory popped up on my phone today. This was one of those “almost catastrophic” moments, I couldn’t believe it didn’t take a dive onto the floor. That one little tree was all that kept this stack train from falling “thousands” of feet. In some respects, I miss the original N scale layout. Mostly …

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