BN 6296 TEBC-6 Progress

Most of this progress actually happened last weekend. I started with an SD9 carbody (parts from Atlas) and a MP15 cab (ebay parts). The biggest difference on the cab is the prototype has a squared off roof while this one is rounded. I tried to do a little work on this but I think I am going to leave well enough alone. After fitting the cab and base to the SD9 sill, I filled in the remaining sill with some styrene. From there I started working on where to cut the end and the top of the car body. When I got all of that done, I realized the SD9 carbody has an angled nose while this has a flat one, so that was chopped off and filled in with styrene as well. All I ended up using of the SD9 was was half of each side! I did a bunch of bondo work, filling some windows and some of the gaps. There is still some more bondo work to be done but overall the shape is coming together. I ordered some brass wire and stantions for the handrails and also some all weather windows to put on the sides. Next up also is cutting the frame down so it will fit in the lower half of the carbody and finding some trucks. Still lots to do but progress has been pretty good so far.


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