Shelf layout beginnings

I finished revamping the room, making it into a home office with the intentions of one wall being a shelf layout. A lot of holes patched and all the walls repainted and I am ready to proceed. I decided to go with track shelving for several reasons, mainly for the versatility of shelf heights as …

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And then there was nothing

A little progress this week/weekend, the train room is officially empty. Every car is back in their original cases and organized in tubs. It was good to go thru this process, it really made me clean house and dump a bunch of junk. It was also cool as I found a bunch of surprises I …

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Getting excited again

I had been dreading taking down the existing layout for a while, not because I am sad necessarily, but because every time I went out to start I realized how much work it was going to be. Where…and how…was I going to store everything? Yesterday I just jumped in. The easiest thing was to put …

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The end is near

I think the day is coming, the day this layout is going to be dismantled. I will preface this by saying in no way am i blaming this on anyone. This is solely been my choice and here are some of the reasons. I will start with the catalyst of what really got this ball …

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Lots of updates, zero progress

Well, here is the update you have all been waiting for! I decided to paint the GP30 a white face! No, not really. A friend of mine had this new Atlas white face so I instead opted to keep this instead. And here you thought I actually had done something productive. 🙂 Lots going on, …

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What to do next?

So I dont really have any projects on the workbench at the moment. This evening I spent some time tuning, speed matching, and getting everything cleared off the railroad so trains can start running again. As I was eyeing projects, I started looking up GP30s. My first question to everyone was going to be, should …

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White face with pin stripes

This has to be my favorite BN paint scheme, wore by only a few during the last years. The added white pin stripe and side sills really makes it pop. This model started life as a recently released Kato SD40-2. Some photos of the progress as well as the Boeing cars I completed this past …

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Experimental SD60MAC BN 9500

This weeks project was repainting a locomotive into the experimental SD60MAC BN 9500 paint scheme. The first step was researching what all my options were. Unfortunately no one makes an actual SD60MAC in N scale. Atlas does an SD60M three window cab that should be close enough for the N scale eye. The biggest differences …

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BN C30-7 whiteface

In my quest to find C30-7s a while back I came across this guy. Everything looked great except the front logo looked off, it seemed too small. So this morning I removed it and placed a bigger one on. I think it looks much better now.

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