Evolution of a track plan

Here are just a few iterations of the track plan as I edited…and edited…and edited. Kinda cool looking back at the progress and changes as they evolve. I think I am pretty happy with the track itself, now I am just refining the roads and other scenery so it makes sense. I think I will start layout out the track and let the scenery start filling in as I see it in person.


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2 thoughts on “Evolution of a track plan”

  1. Mike Blankenship

    You will need a run-around track to pull from the yard and shove into the elevator. I guess you can run across the diamond and thru the interchange track and do that though.

    What about adding one more short stub track by the elevator for anhydrous delivery unloading? That can be pretty common at Co-ops and would add 1 more type of car to switch out. Other option would be a fertilizer warehouse, or both on same track!


  2. Sorry, I should have explained a little more whats going on.
    The left half is intended to be open “rural” space. The top left is a hidden staging yard with trees as a view block. The connection to that yard does not exist from the mainline, it would be from the interchange road. This setup is only for ops, staging, and a way to do a run around via the interchange track. πŸ™‚ The right side is a small town with an elevator and lumber unloading area at the bottom. The crossover is not prototypical and is way too close for to the siding switch, but in this area it provides a good ops run around track.
    Thank you for the suggestion! I actually like that idea a lot and will throw that in the next iteration. πŸ™‚

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