Experimental SD60MAC BN 9500

This weeks project was repainting a locomotive into the experimental SD60MAC BN 9500 paint scheme. The first step was researching what all my options were. Unfortunately no one makes an actual SD60MAC in N scale. Atlas does an SD60M three window cab that should be close enough for the N scale eye. The biggest differences I can tell are the trucks and a slightly longer long hood. For now I will run with it, however in the future I am test out some Kato SD70MAC trucks to see how they fit. Next step was decals which i quickly found at Circus City. Last on the research list was the color. I had always assumed it was a lighter shade of green. I needed to find out and find a match to use. I looked at a ton of photos and all could be argued either way. I asked several groups and even they were split on what it actually was. It was not until a friend sent me a photo of 9500 lashed up to a standard cascade green loco that it obvious. When you covered the white, the greens matched perfectly. The human brain seems to make you think that the shade is lighter when it is against white.

With all of that settled, I grabbed the first SD60M I could find, which happened to be painted CP red. After tearing completely down it was the fun process of mask/paint/repeat. This is the hardest paint job I have done so far. Several hours of taping and touching up. All in all I am very happy with the way it turned out. I am still short the number boards which I will get installed as soon as i get them.

Also on the finishing block was the passenger car. I finally came up with decals for the side plates so this officially done now as well.

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