Fascia completed

Progress was just not meant to be this weekend. I made the trek down to Spring Creek Saturday and got what I needed for a full weekend full of ballasting and planting grass. Heck I even got some Super Trees just in case! First thing on the list was the finishing the fascia. For this I used 1/8″ hardboard, or masonite as some call it. I temporarily clamped in place and scribed the contours that I needed and cut it with a jigsaw. A little sanding, a couple coats of flat black paint, and finally a coat of clear sealant and I was done with it. I let it dry overnight and glued it in place with liquid nails. No, its not removable, but I also dont have screws or anything to touch up with paint.

That’s where the progress ends unfortunately. Next on my list was some ballast. I am not sure what I did wrong, but it was definitely not working when trying to glue it down. I think I finally got some to take, now I need to wait for this to dry. In the meantime I needed to fill in the missing ties where there are joints. I completely forgot about this until just now so I started in on those. Those too were not working with me. There are just some days its better to walk away than fight everything. So…I as soon as I get done writing this, I am headed outside to fly the drone for a bit since it a beautiful sunny day in the middle of January.

I picked up a couple trucks this past week. The orange truck and trailer was just released by Trainworx. All I can say is wow, these things are impressive! The second, I found at Spring Creek and is a 3d printed model. It is a little big but it looks great. I do not know who made this, I may try to find out and see if they carry any other trucks.

I did want to include a couple more photos. My son setup this little scene with all of the stuff sitting on the layout. I was pretty impressed with

Any finally I spent a little time updating the track plan. I see the one posted here on the site was outdated. Here is the plan as it sits today, subject to change of course.


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