Fascia & skirting

I made quite a bit of progress today with the fascia and skirting. I had to redo some of the fascia boards to better fit N scale (not so high). And I had to complete the under side of the duck under. Once everything was screwed into place I caulked all of the corners and after that was dry painted everything black. I am happy with the way that turned out. The skirting on the other hand is still a work in progress. I some several “panels” as a proof of concept and I think I am going to scrap that idea. I fastened one side of velcro along the bottom of the layout and hot glued the other side to some landscape fabric. Working with hot glue is a process to be desired…I made nothing but a mess. I never came up with a system to fasten the velcro on without wrinkles, hot glue strings, etc etc. I huge a couple panels up to see what they looked like and not realize I need to put velcro on the sides as well as the dont hang nice and have gaps. So on to plan b….which I am not sure what it is yet. I was trying to do this without spending a fortune and I think fabric is going to cost quite a bit.


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