Getting excited again

I had been dreading taking down the existing layout for a while, not because I am sad necessarily, but because every time I went out to start I realized how much work it was going to be. Where…and how…was I going to store everything? Yesterday I just jumped in. The easiest thing was to put the locomotives in the wall display. I didn’t really plan on that originally, but as I started looking at all the jewel cases it hit me how long it was going to take to find each case and put them in. It is still going to take a while for the 175+ cars but at least the locos are done. As I was doing that I quickly realized that the duck under has to go first. It is the most frustrating part when you are working on something that requires you to come in and out of the room. Not really to my surprise, but the track came up beautifully. This is exactly one of the reasons I used white glue for the track. A little water, 10 mins of sitting, and the track came right up unharmed. I would say within 30 minutes I had the entire section out, including removing the turnout motor, 3 signals, and all of the wiring.

All last night I got more and more excited thinking about the next layout. Seeing how fast the first part came down, I think the remainder of the layout will come down much faster than I originally thought. One of the things I have always wanted to try was a lighting valence over top of the layout.  I think those finish the “presentation” and you can control the lighting better.  With some strip LEDs I can make different lighting scenes like warmer sunsets.  I am also contemplating using track shelving brackets for these two “levels”.  Not sure why, other than making it easy to adjust height if needed, and maybe for the clean appearance? Lots to think about there.

I am also trying to decide on depth.  Since it will be only one wall (no corners), I am thinking about how to get good photo angles. Should I curve the track to get some head on opportunities?  Doing that would make sense to make the bench work a little wider.  Then becomes the issue of “wider is more scenery” (I am trying to do less “deep” scenery this time).  Is 18″ enough to get some nice curve or go deeper?  hmmmm   

When I first started this idea, I was going to look at doing modules. I have since gone away from that idea so I dont have to conform to any standards on the ends. Without those limitations, and knowing I will be going a full 14′ length, I can probably try to model at least one end of a siding and be able to utilize one set of my signals again. That completely changes what area I am going to model however. I was originally thinking of doing the Arbor line, maybe even Bennet, but there are no sidings or signals, anywhere on that line.

So many things to think about and decide.  I am getting really excited for the next round which in turn motivates me to get the current layout taken down even faster!


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4 thoughts on “Getting excited again”

  1. Sad to see this happening, but you have a good reason.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing what you come up with and how you deal with it.
    It’s all part of the process and a learning experience.
    Good luck Matt

    1. Thanks Allen! Its all part of the process right? I am hoping this forces me into the next stages of modeling, like scenery. I will be calling often!

  2. Michael C Blankenship

    Understand your feelings, and all the packing. Last year in May we decided to move about 25 miles to another town. My wife works there and has driving for 20 years, even being on call some nights, and my job is now work from home, and our son isn’t in local school anymore. So, down came the layout and boxes began getting filled (12 x 14 room layout). But now I’ve had a year without a layout, as we haven’t got a house in this market yet. I miss being able to go down in the evenings and work on things. Hopefully a layout will return in both of our futures.

    1. I am already thinking about the space I will have and how best to use it. That is my motivation to get this project wrapped up so I can move on. Every step is a learning process, this is just the next step! Hope you get some space again soon! Thanks for the comments.

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