Go big!

Bigger is always better right? As I got deeper into N scale, there were some things that just drove me nuts. Lack of choices for some things, like semi trucks for example. There was a whole list of things…and then something caught my eye. An HO scale locomotive came home with me one day, you know, just to see what all the hype was about. The details…the sound….wow!! That’s it, time to scrap everything and start over in HO scale! So I went thru the painful process of selling off all of my n scale equipment (big mistake). I had also been working on a track plan for a while, and the final version didn’t fit the existing benchwork. So everything, literally everything, was ripped out. One thing I learned that I wanted to correct with this next layout was the subroadbed. Using caulking to secure the track on foam didnt work so well. So this time I went with an all wood “cookie cutter” framework. I also ventured into powered turnouts and dcc control of them. The track laid really nice and the details were awesome. Here are some photos of the short lived HO version of the railroad.

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