I’m back! (And lots of progress!)

After a short hiatus from this site, and an attempt at moving to Youtube for everything, I am back to my blog here. I was hoping to try youtube for update posts such as this but it never really worked out well. I think I only really covered one project on there so I will post it here now.

I recently took an interest in the ARZC a little more when I decided I could paint locomotives. No one commercially makes ARZC painted locos, so that is the project. I decided to do a couple ARZC SD40-2Ms, which are rebuilt on SD45 frames. A good friend of mine coincidently had a couple undecorated units that I started with. Here are some photos of the project start to finish.

I know, not the best photos, but there you have it. The pair of “SD45″s that ARZC runs.

As I was researching this railroad, I noticed they also had a very interesting crane painted in the same scheme. I have the decals, I have the paint, I just needed to find a donor crane! Here are photos of the crane project, starting with a Bachmann model. I had a little cutting, filling and sanding to do. While it is not a perfect recreation, it makes a good fill in. Especially in N scale.

I also noticed ARZC has a take car painted in the same scheme, so I may keep that in the back of my mind as well.

Another project that I currently have in the paint booth is the remaining two SD60MACs. I tried using some purple degreaser to remove the paint off these and it was an epic failure. In fact, it didnt work so bad that I had a hard time getting primer to stick on one of them. More to come on these in the next week or two. I currently have them primed and painted white. Now comes the tedious process of masking all of the lines.


Oh hi there ūüĎč
It’s nice to meet you.

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