Let there be a yard!

Let there be a yard!

And we have a yard!  And its backwards from the plan!  I started to layout the yard and where the operator was going to stand and quickly realized that there was going to be some congestion.  I decided to rework the whole yard by flipping it around and I actually like this better.  Here is the latest plan with the green tracks being the completed portion.

It took a bit or ripping up and reworking both corners to make it work.  Then came the ladder.  There was a small 2″ piece of flex track between each turnout that took a lot of time.

After that the rest of the yard came together fast(ish).   I think this whole thing took about 7-8 hours to layout and tack down.

And of course, the rest of the time consuming part:  wiring.  All of the feeders are ready to be soldered and tied into the bus wire.  That is tomorrows project.


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