Lots of updates, zero progress

Well, here is the update you have all been waiting for! I decided to paint the GP30 a white face!

No, not really. A friend of mine had this new Atlas white face so I instead opted to keep this instead. And here you thought I actually had done something productive. ūüôā

Lots going on, just very little on the layout. It is summer time…which means I spend most of my free time outside either keeping up with the kids, the yard, or the garden. A few recent photos that are mostly train related. The first, an OMAX train headed to Nebraska City. Next, taking the 39 John Deere G thru the Palmyra parade. Next, my dad found these crossing lights at a flea market that he decided I needed to have. (Still trying to figure out a project for these?!?) And finally a couple weathered cars I did a while back. They were the last two cars I had left from the HO layout. They are up for grabs if you are interested!

Lastly, I did get the final supplies I needed to complete the last two paint projects I did. If you noticed, and maybe I mentioned it in a post, they did not have number boards. A friend of mine tipped me off on these ShellScale numberboard decals that I am going to give a shot.

Some of why I have not posted…or really done much on the layout, is that I am dragging my feet. I am to the scenery part and it is a bit overwhelming and intimidating since I have really not done much to speak of in that arena. My excuse, I am more of the mechanical brain so thinking about “artistic” scenery just doesnt sound interesting to me. I just need to jump in and do it, like I did with painting and so many other things, and just figure it out as I go.

I have been toying with the idea of doing more videos on youtube and working that media platform more as I think I would be able to share more with more people that way. My biggest problem…I hate editing videos. A couple weeks ago I came up with the idea of just doing a live stream to solve that issue. I ran for an hour and literally had zero issues. Every train ran perfect, no sputters, no derailments, nothing. I could not believe it, I caught it all on live video. Or so I thought. When I got done, the video never happened. I was streaming to nowhere and nothing was recorded. So…I am mustering up energy to try that again, I am just a little gun shy now. ūüôā

Until next time….

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