A photo memory popped up on my phone today. This was one of those “almost catastrophic” moments, I couldn’t believe it didn’t take a dive onto the floor. That one little tree was all that kept this stack train from falling “thousands” of feet. In some respects, I miss the original N scale layout. Mostly from an equipment standpoint. I had some really cool stuff that amazingly just a couple years later I am unable to find again. The track plan itself I am glad to see gone. This was about the only part that was finished and sceniced.

As far as today goes, I really haven’t spent any time on the layout lately. I came to terms with having to switch turnout machine brands (I am no longer able to get parts and I need some to finish). I am very much an all or or nothing person, so I will be replacing them all with the same brand. This time I am going with Walthers…I think. I don’t have one installed yet, but from testing them seem to work perfect. So that is the dragging part….I am not looking forward to replacing them. So I do have some turnout machines for sale. They work great, used very little. Unfortunately the cards I have it all you can get, so if you need 16 or less machines give me a call! 🙂


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