Modeling a quonset

Growing up on a farm, we had a couple quonsets to store machinery in. These were not small buldings, they held a couple combines as well as tractors and other machinery. I noticed Rix made a model of a quonset but it was way too small. Since I am back in N scale, I decided to grab the HO scale version to see what it looked like. After getting things out and measuring, it was obviously still much smaller than I remembered. I used google maps to measure the actual buildings, they were about 50’ x 135’. This HO building measured 44’x 60’. I noticed the parts of this kit were the same parts as the rix grain bins that I assembled a couple years ago. I decided then that they were too tall and didn’t use all the rings. When I added them to this model it made is just over 100’. That’s close enough! I cut out the “people door” and made a full size machine door opening. I used some styrene and made a couple sliding doors (that still need painting). With a little touch ups, paint, and some weathering, I think this is going to turn out real nice. This is an example of being creative (don’t just look at n scale models) and getting lucky with some extra parts.

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