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While I haven’t been spending much time in the train room working on the layout, I have been spending a lot of time working on a new site related to the hobby. I wasn’t really happy with the options available when it came to keeping track of cars and locos. I have everything in JMRI but that is not portable. What I really wanted was a way to see what I had as I stood in the hobby shop. I never knew which road number I already had, etc. So I came up with My Railroad Roster. I am now using it for my entire roster which has taken a lot of time both entering as well as tweaking and making the site better suited to do what I wanted. While I was making the site, I decided to design it in such a way that anyone could use it. And rather than hassle with memberships, etc, I decided to give back to the model railroad community and offer it for free. Feel free to check it out and please reach out with any suggestions you may have as I am always looking to better the site.

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  1. Looks great! I was reading your “fields” and comparing to my spreadsheet I’ve made for my equipment. The main difference is I have a “notes” field so I can enter anything that has been done such as weathering, custom painted, lighting, etc, that wouldn’t have came from the manufacturer that way.

    1. I have included a notes field as well. If you did not see it, you may have that field “disabled”. All of the fields can be hidden, depending if you want to track that bit of information. Click on your account settings to see what fields are enabled. If you are still having issues seeing notes, shoot me an email so I can troubleshoot. Thanks for checking it out!

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