New coal train!

The first package of some cars I managed to track down came today. I have had my eyes open for these OMAX cars for a long time, hoping some would either come up for sale or Fox Valley Models would do a new run of them. Neither happened, so I went on the offensive and posted a WTB listing. Unbelievably a couple people had some that they generously parted with. I have 16 total now, and would still like to get another 10-15 to make a full train.

For those of you wondering what is so special with these cars. OMAX is Omaha Public Power, a local power company that owns a couple coal power plants in the area. Years ago BN (at the time) provided service on the line from Lincoln to Nebraska City. A couple decades ago UP got the bid and the cars were delivered using a different line, so the “Arbor Line” was set aside and used for storage off and on over the years. About a year ago BNSF got the contract back and these cars are running again on the Arbor line, which coincidently runs right behind my house. Although there is a mix of cars now, the original all blue cars were always easy to spot.

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