New switch machines

I posted about these a while back and have had them sitting in a box since. Today was the day to start installing them all. I wont lie however, it has not been a perfect project by any means. Initially I ordered a couple to test with. One of them arrived dead. Walthers was great to work with and fast to respond, sending a replacement within a couple days. He was aware they were dealing with a bad batch and inquired more about where I purchased. Today when I started in on the rest, the very first one I opened was bad as well! I figured I might as well go thru them all and see what I had to work with. Out of the 24 machines, I ended up with 4 bad ones total. While not a great percentage, I am still ok moving forward as I know they have great customer service and I know it was a batch issue they are working thru.

Todays progress….. 13 machines installed. Once I had a system in place things moved along pretty well. These machines had a couple tabs that, when soldered across them, makes them almost silent and slow moving (as seen in the photo, just below the blue servo motor). I went ahead and did that to each one as I installed them. I also programmed all of JMRI as I went, configuring routes, etc. I hope to get the remainder completed tomorrow, at least all but the three I need to exchange.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a chance to “play trains” during the holidays. Tis the season!

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