New year, lots of progress

Made quite a bit of progress on a couple projects this long weekend. As I painted and let it dry, I would alternate to the layout and work on the creek banks. I idea behind this creek is to have it flow out and back in the layout, just to give it some character. I shaved a bit more on the pink foam creating some variations to break up the straight lines the wire cutter made. After than my daughter helped me lay some plaster cloth down. Even after two layers of that, there were still a lot of holes, so I opted to hand smear another layer of patching plaster. I like the way it turned out. Now I need to be patient and wait for it to dry.

On the work bench/paint booth I started creating BN 7890, the LNG powered locomotive with a “fuel tender”. This is a fun paint job actually, a very unique variation of BNs white face. This project started with an undecorated SD40-2. The prototype has flared radiators, and I actually have an SD45 I could use to recreate that. I decided it wasnt worth the work for something that I will likely be the only one to notice. So, here is the process of the pain job. I had to touch up a couple times, for example the sill in Pic #2 should have been split between green & white. That is all fixed now. I have about half the decals done as of writing. Mainly letting them dry before moving to the other side to a dont mess them up.

For the fuel tender, I started with an Atlas tank car. I am sure it nothing close to prototype, but it will pass for this project. I removed the top details and side ladders and filled those holes with bondo. Made some modifications to one of the ladders and mounted it to the end along with creating a “box” on top. Finally I created the side “box” with some styrene and bondo’d that all up. This is currently waiting for the paint to dry some more before I start putting on decals.


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