Not so exciting progress

With all of the turnout machines mounted, minus the three that need replaced, my attention was directed to finishing up the rest of the wiring underneath. I spent the last couple days getting all of the frogs wired up with the machines and adding additional feeders in areas I originally skipped.

For the frogs, I soldered spade ends on all of the wiring to make it easy to attach to the turnout machines. While this added some time, it made things a little cleaner and easier to change later if needed. I also made wire harnesses so I could combine some of the into one wire.

When I laid track, I only put feeders in the minimum places (one per block) just to get trains rolling. Surprisingly it has run really well, except the unpowered frogs of course. My run of thumb has been to have one feeder drop between every turnout, thus not relying on the turnout itself to carry power thru it.

So, while not that exciting, especially for the amount of time it took, it was sorely needed and a big project checked off the list.


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