OMAX coal train finally complete!

I have finally found enough cars to consider the OMAX train complete, at least on my layout.  I now have 28 cars, which may be a couple cars too long for the siding. but it fits in staging so deal!   Here is a video of the first time around the layout.

4 thoughts on “OMAX coal train finally complete!”

  1. NICE sized train! Very realistic looking length wise for layouts. Those cars are always on the move, so having a couple in a siding or RIP track for repairs could also be a place to park a few of them, and allow for some setouts/pickups at non-business locations.

    1. Very good idea! I need to start taking some cars off the layout so I have room for that scenario. The rip track already has some riprap cars and mow equipment parked on it. It may just be that the coal train never passes on the siding. I saw that a lot on the line I grew up on. The siding was long enough for most, but not all, trains. Just meant no running meets. Thanks for the comments!

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