Snow bus to the rescue

With all of the wonderful weather today (spelled blizzard), it made me think of the snow bus. Here is my really bad photoshop job of my n scale BN snow bus.

Intermodal train

A video of a BN intermodal train on the original N scale layout.

Layout tour

Enjoy a tour of my first N scale layout as we follow a BN coal train around the tracks.

Too big! (Go back quick!)

Amazing what a friend or two, and a trip to the hobby shop, can do to one’s plans. I started noticing how hard it was to find equipment in my era in HO scale, and how easy it seemed to find it in N scale. And the cost was much higher in HO than I …

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Go big!

Bigger is always better right? As I got deeper into N scale, there were some things that just drove me nuts. Lack of choices for some things, like semi trucks for example. There was a whole list of things…and then something caught my eye. An HO scale locomotive came home with me one day, you …

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The very beginning

In the beginning, there was just garage. I was able to talk my wife into letting me finish one corner and make an official “train room”. The location was perfect, it was out of the way and one wall was shared with the house. I had an electrical panel right there easy to tie into …

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