Signals installed

I received the signals I ordered from Custom Signal Systems the other day I got them all installed. I had a rough time in the beginning, mostly from one bad cable end (hindsight I should have been using the tester) and bad digitrax documentation. After that was all sorted out things went really well, and …

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Weekend tally

As the long weekend comes to a close, here is what I have to show for it. I have completed 5 kits (2 trucks, low boy trailer, excavator, and a front end loader). It was also the local train show so I stocked up on a few more kits which I have about half assembled …

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I bought some GHQ kits a while back and have been assembling them here and there as I had time. I also got a 3D printed loader delivered the other day so I went full force to finish all of these. Tonight I am at about 95% done with them. A couple touchups, decals, and …

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SD40-2B and forklifts completed

Completed a couple projects today. The first, and probably the biggest accomplishment of my “modeling” career so far, is a custom printed and painted SD40-2B, numbered BN 7502. The shell was custom 3D printed by BaldyloxDesigns. From there I custom painted into BN 7502, the first paint scheme prior to the “white face” style. This …

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Uncharted territory

Up until a couple months ago I had never used an airbrush. That was scary territory but a friend helped me get past some of the basics. A few weathered cars later I decided to try and tackle a locomotive. I know, I probably took way too big of a step at once. But you …

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First run of the coal loads

Finished painting the coal loads this morning. The custom loads that some cars had were a little “sparkly” and the fine cinders I used had some brown in them, so I painted every load so they matched. It is hard to spot the different loads now, all look great. While I had the loads out …

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Progress update

This weeks progress is random….very random. But I will try to put some logic behind it, so hold on. I was reading online somewhere that sent me down the car weight spiral. I had all of the weights to do it, so I started in on the OMAX train. When I weighed the cars, they …

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Lumber is arriving

One of my industries is a lumber “transloading” facility, for better terms. I don’t see it as a full service lumber yard but rather a place that unloads bulk lumber and materials and ships them out via truck to lumberyards. One track is for lumber racks, the other for box cars that will eventually unload …

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Control Panel complete

I just finished installing the ipad air in a wall mount to complete the “control panel” that will be used to control all of the turnouts.

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