Signal demonstration

I have a working prototype of the jmri signaling working. Its not 100%, I still need to do some tweaking, but works pretty slick. I thought I would (attempt) to create a video to share with you all. Keep in mind, this is the first video I have ever screen recorded…and one of the very …

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We are no longer dark territory!

I am not sure how or why I got sidetracked with this…but I jumped off the cliff and started in on learning signaling. I already had detection in place, so I thought it cant be that hard, right? As with most things JMRI, there is a steep learning curve. I think I have most of …

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Turnouts are (almost) done!

I couldn’t sleep last night so I kept moving and finished the remaining turnouts by about 130am. Now I just need to wait for the last three to get replaced. I still need to go back and power the frogs now but I need to wait for some wiring parts first. In other progress, I …

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New switch machines

I posted about these a while back and have had them sitting in a box since. Today was the day to start installing them all. I wont lie however, it has not been a perfect project by any means. Initially I ordered a couple to test with. One of them arrived dead. Walthers was great …

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SD40-2B project

This showed up and was waiting for me to return from vacation! Next up on the project list, a BN SD40-2B, #7502. This will be my first attempt at a 3D printed model as well as custom painting. More to come!

First run of the OMAX cars!

I have about half the OMAX cars I am looking for to fill the train. These cars look nice!

Against all odds

My mission this weekend was to get the airbrush out for the first time ever. At the 11th hour despite literally everything working against me, I was finally able to spray a coat of dullcote on the 4 cars I had prepped. I still have some minor details to work out but the makeshift setup …

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Paint….the next frontier!

As a friend of mine has been helping me get over my fear of painting, I have decided to go full in on the equipment and supplies I need to (attempt) to do this myself. So, here we go with a new paint booth and airbrush! I opted to get a single action airbrush (and …

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New coal train!

The first package of some cars I managed to track down came today. I have had my eyes open for these OMAX cars for a long time, hoping some would either come up for sale or Fox Valley Models would do a new run of them. Neither happened, so I went on the offensive and …

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