Working on industries

I have been thinking about what industries I would like and where they would be situated. I have held off finishing the spurs until I know these details. A while back I put together this lumber yard thinking that would be a nice little industry to service. I am not yet sure I like it …

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Detecting the other end

As I started playing with block detection, I realized that some type of device would need to be on the end of every train. Knowing the location on only the front end of the train provides limited and not very useful information. I found that FVM made some wheelsets with resistors, however finding them in …

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The little touches

I spent a little bit today touching up a few locomotives. Painting the handrails and steps doesn’t take much but once you notice you cant un see unpainted ones. The lashup for todays freight is a common one from the 90s. An LMX B39-8 and a pair of (custom) BN B30-7A B units, cant get …

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Back loading videos

My original plan was to back load all of the videos and post them here on the blog. I see that is quickly becoming a huge hassle. So starting today all of the old videos from Facebook are scheduled to be posted one per day automatically on Youtube. There are enough videos to last for …

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Speed matching locomotives

Everyone seems to speed match their locomotives a little different. There are a ton of theories and opinions on the subject, I am not getting into any of those. I am just going to show you how I quickly and easily set up mine and have great results doing it. I will start with a …

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BN/Rock Island coal train

Visited my friend Allens Rock Island layout today and he was kind enough to allow me to bring some of my BN power along. I supplied the SD40-2’s, he supplied the fuel tender, coal train, and the manned helper. Yes, we ran this train with a manned helper, not a consisted DPU, and not one …

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Santa Fe all the way

Here are a couple videos of trains I ran on a friends layout. This is a double deck all DC layout with a dispatcher. A lot of fun to run long trains.

Freight train layout tour

Follow a BN freight train as it tours the original N scale layout.

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