We have power!

Just a quick follow up to the previous video. I made it a little prematurely, I thought I was done for the night but I ended up continuing pretty late. I have been dragging my feet a little on the power cords. They are never the right length and hard to route, as opposed to …

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A new twist on JMRI

Next up on the to do list is wiring. I wanted to start weathering track but realized I needed to drop feeder wires first. That of course turned into a few more steps backwards, like “where am I going to place all of the electronics?”. Quite a few hours later…and a visit by a friend, …

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Track is laid!

Finished laying track this evening. I put quite a few blocks in so I had options when it comes to signals. Still undecided on some of that. Next up is dropping feeder wires and getting some power going. Until then a few cars ended up on the layout. 😉

Layout update – lights and track

All of the cork roadbed is done and I have started laying out the tracks. LED lighting installed. I found that installing the lighting directly on the top of the shelf with the LEDs shiny straight down didn’t look very good. I ended up putting a 15″ bevel on the strip of wood slightly angling …

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Paint and lights

Finished the remainder of the framework and valance shelf. I am happy with the way that all turned out. There were even a couple surprises that turned out perfect despite my lack of planning for them! My next mission, paint & lights. I read online for what seemed like an eternity on led strip lighting. …

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Let there be a shadow box!

I made quite a bit of progress last night. I would say I had a lot of trial and error, but actually it ended up pretty much how I had it planned in my head. My biggest fear was trying to make the curved backdrop. Previously I had used a hardboard/masonite that was laminated on …

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Welcome to the new shelf layout

I have a layout again! (well, kinda) I made solid progress on the “benchwork” this weekend, all of the framing is done. Next up is to add 2″ foam in the recessed area that I will eventually carve out for a creek. The bridge shown is not what I am going to use, I put …

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