Merry Christmas!

Nothing new to report on the layout or anything model train related. I have spent the majority of the break thus far reworking this website. As the site software has progressed, some of the pieces parts have not. So it was time to overhaul it to be up to snuff again. A lot of the …

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CF7 & bridge update

Lets see if I can chat a little more this time about recent progress 😉 What the point of a blog if you dont say at least something about what is going on, right? Progress is coming along well with the CF7. After some issues with the airbrush, I finally got the paint finished. The …

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Weekend updates

No need for me to ramble on when a couple photos will tell the full story.

Bridges and stuff

Progress continues on the CF7, albeit very slowly. My process is paint yellow, place bonnet decals, seal decals, tape for blue, then paint the blue. Of course after that back to the normal process of decals, dullcoat, etc. Using decals as the paint lines for the bonnet is something I have never done so this …

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SD60MACs and TEBUC-6 done!

I got a lot accomplished this weekend. First off the bench, the remaining to SD60MACs. They are 99% done. I still need to do number boards on them, I didnt have the patience to do them this weekend. I am not real happy with these, I fought them from the very beginning (trying to strip …

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TEBC6 getting close

Tonight I finished paint on the TEBC6. I will let that set for a few days before sealing and decaling it. Looks pretty good so far! I also finished body work on the CF7 got it into primer. This was rather challenging as there were a lot of tiny details to add. And finally, I …

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Progress update

Making some progress on all of the 4 locos on the bench this weekend. Here is where each is at and whats up next. TEBC6 slug: Is currently primed. I just added the all weather window. I think I am going to drill holes and get the railings made and test fit before painting. Putting …

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TEBC6 part 3

Work continues on the TEBC6 slug. I ended up buying a complete SD9 just to get a set of trucks. Its a good thing I did as I ruined of side frames when trying to cut it down. These frames seems solid, until you start cutting into them. I ended up cutting half the height …

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