Decal time

I had some decals laying around so I thought I would play around with those as I “stressed” out some cars getting them ready for weathering. I wanted to see what a few looked like with decals before weathering, then do some more decals later in the weathering process. Something a little different. ­čÖé

Switch machine progress

I believe I mentioned a while back that I was going to try these Walthers turnouts. I did some off layout tests as far as programming and they worked awesome. Tonight I finally bit the bullet and installed one. I must say, I am even more impressed. Lets just say I am now in the …

Switch machine progress

Meet at Canova

Today is cleanup day. Not motivated to do much but I decided the best way to get a little motivated is to clean. The workbench is a disaster so might as well take some time to undisaster it. I also noticed the past few days the humidity is started to get low. Last winter I …

Meet at Canova

Adding a camera

One of the things I needed to accomplish with a “hidden” staging yard was the ability to see where the trains are to make sure they clear turnouts. This morning I installed an old pan-tilt camera I had laying around. I think the proof of concept is going to work great, however the quality of …

Adding a camera

Updated track plan

I noticed that the track plan was out of date on the site. Here is the latest greatest! I added some shading to show what is visible (green) and what is hidden or out of sight (gray). The doorway (duck under) is on the right.

My first try at weathering

I will be the first to admit, I am far from being a good modeler. My favorite parts are the electronics (wiring, trackwork, DCC, etc) and running trains. I love seeing realistic scenery but my brain just doesn’t function in a way to make it. I am a left brain so everything is either yes/no, …

My first try at weathering

Recent progress

Progress this summer has been a bit slow but I have had some time here and there to work on a few things. I started in on the elevator again, repainting and re-adding all of the down tubes. The next thing I would like to tackle on it is the lines making it look like …

Recent progress

Train show loot

Took a road trip to Deshler today to visit Spring Creek‘s model railroad show. There were a couple layouts I had hoped to see again, however the layouts on display were pretty good. This year there were multiple locations so much more on display than in past years. This was my favorite scene, something I …

Train show loot

Tweaking JMRI

Tonight I spent a few hours tweaking JMRI, namely the layout and the use of routes. I originally setup the staging yard with a single route that would line both ends of the yard at the same time. As I have been running trains, and getting my head to mentally treat the staging yard as …

Tweaking JMRI

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