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This weeks progress is random….very random. But I will try to put some logic behind it, so hold on.

I was reading online somewhere that sent me down the car weight spiral. I had all of the weights to do it, so I started in on the OMAX train. When I weighed the cars, they came in at .8oz. According to the formula, they should be around 1.1 oz. My weights were 1/4 oz, so I decided to put 2 in, because you know more is better, right? That put them at around 1.3oz. I went thru all 28 cars and hooked them up. Lets just say a trio of 6 axle power had issues pulling them up the 1% grade. So…I tore back into them and removed one weight. Hopefully that is about right. As I had the loads off, I decided to do something about the factory loads that seemed very smooth and unrealistic. About 3/4 of them were factory, while the others had custom loads in them. I pulled out the glue and covered them with Woodland Scenics fine cinders ballast. The texture looked great, but the color was off. The cinders had a tint of brown in it so I got the airbrush out and put a coat of black paint on them. I think they look awesome now, well the one test one I did. Now I am going thru all of the cars and redoing them. I also decided to cut trip pins while I was at it, just to make the whole train consistant. Here you can see the before and after loads.

The next project is to get the SD40-2B (BN 7502) primed and ready for paint.

And finally, to show up a couple cool finds, thanks to Allen. TOFC cars…..and I need more trailers now.

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  1. I really like using Deluxe Materials “Liquid Gravity”. It is very, very small gray B-B like pellets. Put them in, and glue in place. I tried it, as it helps add weight to flatcars between the frames underneath. Easy to get the exact weight with this product.


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