Pushers and the final kits

I finished the last of the kits I have, which includes a road grader and a pair of side boom crawlers. I have been super happy with the GHQ kits, however these last two side boom kits made by Railway Express Miniatures are less than desirable. The quality is significantly less, the instructions are lacking severely. If all of their kits are this way I will not being buying any more of them!

I had an SD40-2 that was giving me some grief the other day. Motor not running right and the trucks had something funky going on in the gears. I went thru everything and still not happy with it so time for an overhaul. Amazingly Kato still stocks parts for their original SD40-2s so I ordered a new motor and a pair of trucks. Everything runs perfect again. Since I have an abundance of SD40-2s (As a BN modeler, one can never have too many!), I decided to setup a pair for pushers. Here is a video of them pushing the coal train. Enjoy!

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