Random progress

I made a little progress this past holiday weekend. My main focus is to get some more spurs completed so that I can do some operations and make running trains a little more interesting. Two spurs were already laid, the grain elevator tracks at Canova and the cement plant at (to me named), however I never finished getting power to them. I made quick work on that, electrical is one of my favorite parts of this hobby. I have enough detection blocks available, so each of these spurs was wired up as such. I have no need to detect on the spurs but since I have the ability I might as well use it.

With that completed, I got distracted and remembered that I had a handful of coal cars that needed weighted and also the coal train needed a resistored car to allow for detection. On this car I actually put two resistored metal wheels on it. I am finding that only one is not quite enough to make a good consistent indication. Two seems to work better.

As I played with getting the coal train dialed in I ran into issues with the detection not working. JMRI was showing that all blocks were occupied. I double checked every setting, restarted everything…..tried everything I could think of and nothing was working. I finally opened up logging and started watching what was being sent. From that point on things seemed to have started working. I don’t know what was/is going on..but it was frustrating none the less.

With that all out of the way I headed into getting one more spur laid out. This spur is going to be on the near side of the tracks at Canova, and as of right now I think I am going to make it a lumber yard. I do no think I am going to keep the initial layout as seen in this photo, this is not at all how they would unload these cars. More to come on that. I am also looking how how to make some stacks of lumber for the yard.

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