Signal issues and the last of the kits

I had the signals setup and programmed in JMRI long before actually getting the actual signals. Everything seemed, on the screen at least, it was all functioning how I thought it should. As I started running trains with the actual signals in place, I noticed one of the approach signals displaying an aspect that I was fairly certain incorrect. This only ever happened when the turnout was lined for the siding. The indication was an alternating green/yellow, as seen in this video.

I spent a few hours troubleshooting this issue. This was only happening on one end of the siding, which I thought odd as it should be happening on both ends. But I went on to blow away and reprogram the entire signal system a few times. Looking back, I should have tried this first, but I eventually starting testing each of the indications separately. Solids all seems to work, however flashing yellow went yellow/green and flashing red went red/green. Interestingly flashing green was solid green. This made me realize that the green was always on. When the yellow or red was lit, you could not see the green however it was there if you looked closed. After examining the wiring I realized that the green led was wired to aux and not green. That was a painfully long issue to troubleshoot, however I feel much better. I am no expert on signals but I was sure that yellow/green was not a valid combination. The bright side, I learned alot more about signals!

Also this past week I finished the last of the GHQ kits I had. I decided to up my game slightly and “two tone” the paint job on this semi tractor. I wanted to figure out how to stop the bleeding thru the tape. And I did! Compared to the prototype I was shooting for, I think this truck turned out pretty good. I am not going to dull coat this, instead I am going to clear coat it to keep the glossy look. Another stop at the hobby store for some of that. The trailer needs a few details added (like a deck) and it will be dull coated with the grader. I have a couple side boom crawlers on the way so those will be up next in the shops.

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