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I believe I mentioned a while back that I was going to try these Walthers turnouts. I did some off layout tests as far as programming and they worked awesome. Tonight I finally bit the bullet and installed one. I must say, I am even more impressed. Lets just say I am now in the process of replacing all of the machines and switching to these! Here are some of the reasons and selling points on why I am changing directions.

Cost is always a big thing, especially when you need 24 of something. My original setup was the most cost effective I had found, with the machines utilizing 8 “port” boards. They were far cheaper than tortoise machines for example. Well these are even cheaper when you take into account everything you need.

Another reason is simplicity and all the features. Simple enough that you dont even need solder. Everything including the DCC is onboard. And two separate switches to allow for powered frogs and signals. Ohh and the ability to add fascia mounted switches if you so desire to control them there. I can just keep going. These have everything you could possibly need in one shot. No additional cards, no juicers, nothing. Mounting this was really easy as well. Depending on the area, there are two different mounting options. These are lightyears easier to mount that the other ones. Partly due to these being bigger, which I guess is a drawback if you are super limited on space.

I am going to be selling all of the existing machines and upgrading to these now. Again, nothing wrong with the others necessarily. Just that they are no longer made so I couldn’t get parts to expand. Look for updates on that as I start replacing these…..as I get money…..as I can find that many. I will also need to finish the fascia as I would like to do some fascia mounts for some of them.

Ohh…another surprise coming soon! I have something on order that I think will be really cool. Look for some cool photo updates when they arrive next week!

Hope you and your family have a safe and happy thanksgiving!

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