The end is near

I think the day is coming, the day this layout is going to be dismantled. I will preface this by saying in no way am i blaming this on anyone. This is solely been my choice and here are some of the reasons. I will start with the catalyst of what really got this ball rolling. My wife recently accepted a new job that will allow her to work from home several days a week. Our current arrangement in the house does not have a good office space. It really makes the most sense to repurpose this room into a usable nice office for her to work out of. Again, this has been my choice and she has begged me to not do this. However other factors have played into this that have been several years in the making. Even going back to the beginning, the room has been a challenge to come up with a track plan that I am super happy with. The dimensions and the location of the door make options very limited. I tried many plans and I think what I have is about the best I can come up with taking into account my requirements.

My first requirement was to have the ability to run decent trains and be able to railfan them. A 25 car train is upwards of 8-9 feet which in a room this size is pretty long. By the time a passing siding and staging yards long enough to handle that length were created, there was just not much open running room. And that was circling the room twice.

Part of circling twice meant trains passing thru the same scene twice (not ideal) and deep benchwork (lots of extra scenery that im not fond of). Deep benchwork also meant a staging yard that was only accessible via a step stool for derailments.

The location of the door and the double loop also meant a duck under. That gets old quick but what are you going to do? I tried removable sections with little luck.

Another big negative was the lack of space for a workbench. As i got more into painted and such, i found my work area under the layout very confined and frustrating to work in.

My plan is to do one more live video of running trains in the next week or so. Just getting it all out to run one last time. Then I will start to slowly pack away cars and such before starting to dismantle things. My goal is to have it setup as an office in a month or two.

I am not sad. I learned a lot from this layout and will carry that forward to the next one. I am happy with all of the track, equip, etc and will salvage it all. I am still up in the air if i will make a module or diorama in the meantime, however I think either of those will frustrate me without being able to run trains. Who knows what the future will bring. Hopefully a bigger more usable space!!!

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