The first layout (of many, again)

Growing up I modeled in HO scale. I still to this day have the first locomotive I ever bought, everything else has long since been sold to fund a “couple year trip” to CA. A few years ago I got the itch to model again and a 4×8 n scale unitrack layout was built. I never got past the trackwork stage. It was cool because I got to see what could be done with n scale. So now that I have a dedicated room, it seemed about the right size for n scale so off I was planning. Planning took a long time and started well before the room was even started. I designed many many different plans, eventually ending up with the one below. I ended up finding some really cool equipment, that of course I may never find again unfortunately. This was a layout of trial and error. The first time I had ever gotten this far. Enjoy as you browse thru the photos of building this layout.

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