The very beginning

In the beginning, there was just garage. I was able to talk my wife into letting me finish one corner and make an official “train room”. The location was perfect, it was out of the way and one wall was shared with the house. I had an electrical panel right there easy to tie into and heating/air was easily brought out. There was even an exterior window! (That I replaced) I *thought* a 10×14 room was going to be huge and be the answer to everyone model railroaders dream. It did not take long to realize the saying “I need more room” was ever so true! Here is a gallery of photos showing the progress, from framing the walls all the way to paint and carpet. Lessons learned? I probably would have moved the door to a corner rather than the middle of the wall.

4 thoughts on “The very beginning”

  1. I do like the thoroughness of your space prep. Makes for a long lasting comfy layout space. The track plan is simple yet effective in my opinion, but I would grow to avoid the duck under to gain access. The space restriction will help you stay focused on the track plan and drive to complete the project.

    1. The duck under is definitely my least favorite thing. But in that space, I really didnt have a better bullet proof option. As you can see from previous iterations, I tried a removable section. I had nothing but issues. With the deck height being 52″, it really isnt that bad of a duck under. Some day I dream of a larger space with stairs that come down in the middle.

  2. I hear ya on the duck under. I tinkered with plans which included one, but am determined to avoid it. There seems to always be a trade off of some type in our hobby.

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