There is such a thing as too much?

My friend and fellow n scaler Allen has been teaching me how to weather cars. Weathering ends up a lot easier than I originally feared….so like everything I do, more is better right? So off to the races to see how rusty, grimey, & graffiti covered I can make the cars. I was excited that I was actually doing (what I thought) was a cool job, having a blast doing it. Then one night I was watching youtube videos and came across a bunch of old BN footage from the 90s, the era I am modeling. I usually only really watched the motors then skip ahead to the next set. But this time I started noticing the cars. The cars looked….well…different. They weren’t rust buckets. They weren’t faded beyond the agility to see the BN logo. They didn’t even have graffiti!?!? Uhh ohh…. I better go back to the drawing board and maybe not get so “weathering” happy as I had been. So here is my first attempt of toning things down. All I really did to these cars was dull coat and apply some “dirt”. No rust. No rubbing off logos. Just cars in good shape that were a little “weathered”. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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