This week’s progress

A few things are in the works but I am waiting on parts to continue. So today’s update includes a desk expansion for the paint booth. I needed some more permanent space for it but struggled finding a good spot that had a way to vent outside. As I was building the desk space it just occurred to me why not just cut a whole in the wall and vent it straight out, since you know it is an exterior wall. ūü§Ē So now the house has another dryer vent.

I also started running a lot more ops. With JMRI running the switch lists, ops has been turned into a lot of fun with the random yet not so randomness of it. I was making it way too simple when I made them manually. Now every trip is a challenge and enjoyable.

I should have some cool new updates in the next week as stuff arrives. And when I can get my wife to allow me to use the sewing machine (for skirting).

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