Time to start (again)

I have not had much time lately to work on the layout. Actually, I am just procrastinating and that is just an excuse because I don’t want, or know, how to do the next things on the list. But, as with most things, my mind makes it a much bigger thing that is really is. The hardest part is just taking that first step and seeing that it is not that bad. I really just need to pick one area…maybe a 2-3′ section, and work on it until completion. When looking at the layout as a whole, it is overwhelming where to start. Now…..deciding what section to start on!

But…first things first. Clean the work bench! It is amazing how much easier it is just to sit down and have room to work on something. So much time is wasted, digging and trying to find the tools or even the space you need for a project. So night I took the first step. Clean up the work bench and put all the tools away. No one shares photos of their workspace, but here is mine, in all its “glory”. Nothing exciting, but it gets the job done. It is located under the layout….so I have a nice head rest.

Next on my list….keep working on the rest of the room. The train room has become somewhat of a “storage” dump all area lately so there are boxes and other junk everywhere. Also on my list…do something with this floor. The carpet squares are spreading so now there are speed bumps making rolling around on my chair very frustrating. I would like to put something in that has a cushion so that standing while operating doesn’t get tiring. Problem is, then the chair wont roll. Suggestions anyone?

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