Track is done!

Track is done!

All of the track has been laid and wired!  This is a fully functioning railroad!   There is possibly one more industry to add if/when I decide where and how it will work.  For now though I am considering it an operating railroad.  I setup an operating scenario tonight and ran thru it.  Works pretty slick!

I did make one last minute semi major change.  I never liked the interchange area.  It just always looked odd in my opinion.  I ended up yanking the diamond out and making a true interchange yard with a lead heading off the layout representing the interchange line.  This also solved the diamond electrical issues, that piece never did work very well.

There is the latest track plan

And here are some photos showing the last of the roadbed and track getting laid.  And of course I packed it full of cars to know how much it would hold.

At this point I am going to clean up and do some ops for a while.  That should help decide if this track layout is a winner.

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