Train show loot

Took a road trip to Deshler today to visit Spring Creek‘s model railroad show. There were a couple layouts I had hoped to see again, however the layouts on display were pretty good. This year there were multiple locations so much more on display than in past years. This was my favorite scene, something I may try to recreate.

After looking at layouts it was time to visit the store and try to walk away with as little as possible. The theme of this year appears to be MoW apparently. I snagged a couple BN MoW trucks as well as another metal kit that I will paint to match BN MoW trucks of the time. It is similar to what I remember when I worked out there. I also grabbed a building that I plan to use for the lumber yard. This should look right at home for unloading box cars. And finally I am going to attempt some graffiti, as most of my cars are way to clean and not abused.

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