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I ordered some 3D trucks stuff a while back off shapeways. The first truck, a blue Kenworth T2000 and flatbed, was a direct representation of the truck I drove back in the day. The second, a white Peterbuilt with propane trailer, is the same truck my Dad drives today. This was kind of a cool project in that the “new” process I had never done before was making my own decals. I started with some photos of the prototype and recreated them from there. What I thought was going to be my biggest challenge, getting them printed the correct size, ended up being super easy. I just set the resolution to 160 pixels per inch and based all of my measurements off of 1 pixel = 1 prototype inch. I created the large trailer logo, the propane placard, the DOT striping, and the smaller door decal on the truck. I am considering the white truck done, other than sealing in in a day or two after paint cures. The blue truck I still need to decide on decals and possibly a load for the trailer.

My plan is to use the flatbeds in the lumberyard area for hauling out lumber. The white truck I plan on making a propane distributor, as I have a few propane tanks as well.


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