Under the layout is done!

A major milestone happened tonight. All of the wiring, turnout motors, cabling, etc are all complete! I still need to “prettify” everything as I like my wiring to be neat and organized. I didn’t do that yet as I want to run for a while to make sure I don’t need to make any more changes. I tried to make everything modular, by that meaning no permanent connections. Everything has spade connectors, for example, making it easy to change if needed.

Since all of that is done, I also finalized the panel and controls in JMRI. I think I have all of the blocks, controls and signals working as I had hoped for. I still need to get the signals to install, but that should be an easy task to plug them in and mount them.

I tried to do a combined video tonight to show both the layout as well as the control panel and signals. Let me know if you like this video!

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