We have MoW! First metal kit complete.

I have been scared (for lack of a better term) to try a metal kit. Way back when (30+ years ago) I tried one and it went horribly wrong. Granted I was a very inexperienced modeler as a kit, which is not much more now I guess? Either way, I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I took my time assembling it. Each part needed shaved or filed to make good clean connections. I won’t say this is perfect, but this the molds arent perfect and this is n scale. I was completely happy on how it assembled though.

The instructions said to assemble and paint in sub assemblies. I could not wrap my head around how I was going to attach painted parts…so I just assembled the whole dang thing. The instructions and parts also did not allow the side wings to be folded up, which I wanted to make this model to be sitting on a spur and not out working. So I improvised and make it work.

Also the instructions said to use an air brush. Seeing how I have zero experience with one, I decided to hand brush paint it. I chose a more weathered not so bright yellow, which tied along with my crappy paint job, should give the feeling of some use and abuse on this machine.

And here is the finished machine. I am very happy with how it turned out, especially for being my first. It is far from perfect and may not be welcome on some layouts. But here, at least for a bit, it is my prized possesion!

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